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Career Advice

LocalRecruit wants to make the search for your next job easy. In addition to providing you with all the vacancies in your town from the major UK job boards like TotalJobs, Monster, and JobsToday, you’ll also find useful advice on how to prepare your CV, how to deal with interviews and a host of other useful bits of information on how to get that next job.

  • Your CV

    How to use a cover letter for greater success

    Many people seeking jobs may think that their work is done once the have polished their CV and have started to hand it out to prospective employees. However, writing a cover letter to go with a CV is vital as it offers an additional introduction for employers to peruse.… continue reading….


    Everyone knows about the social networking group Facebook but if you’re job hunting you need to be aware of some of the business networking sites out there.

    Perhaps the most famous is LinkedIn but there are a number of others, including those specific to industries such as computer programming, public relations or even mums working from home.… continue reading….

    CV Tips

    Follow these top ten tips to make your CV sparkle… 

    1. Google “CV templates” and you’ll be taken to a number of free templates that will help you write your CV. If in doubt about the structure, start with your current job and work backwards to your school days.… continue reading….

  • Career Options

    Recruitment trends can help job success

    No matter what industry or sector a jobseeker is looking in, finding employment can be difficult. Regardless of whether candidates are looking for jobs in East Midlands or Scotland, following industry trends can be crucial in finding work. By paying attention to trends, job seekers can develop a successful job-hunting process.… continue reading….


    Most people breathe a huge sigh of relief when they step out of the school gates for the last time. “That’s it” they declare. “No more exams for me!”. But most realise quite quickly that they actually miss the learning environment – either for its own sake or to learn specific skills to help them get a job or achieve a personal goal such as passing a driving test.… continue reading….


    Learning new skills is all very worthy – and there is the prospect of ending up in a good job with a better than average salary at the end of it. But how about earning while you learn?

     That’s the concept behind apprenticeships.… continue reading….

  • Interviews

    Interview Preparation

    TV and newspaper reports will tell you that up to 20 people are applying for each vacancy in the UK at the moment. Don’t believe it. Many bosses will tell you that they are receiving 40 or 50 applicants for each post.… continue reading….

    First Impressions Count

    When you are applying for a job, it’s likely the boss will make up his or her mind within seconds of seeing you. That may seem unfair when you are then interviewed in depth for another hour but it’s just a natural human reaction.… continue reading….

    That most awkward of interview questions

    You’ve sailed through the interview, given a good account of yourself and then comes the killer question: “Is there anything you want to ask?” We all know that “Er, no not really” is probably the wrong answer but what’s the right one?… continue reading….

  • General Advice

    Don’t keep your smile only for the interview room

    Interviewing for a job can be a daunting process, and any individual applying for a job may be looking to put on an award winning performance in the interview room. However, in addition to researching companies and preparing for particular questions, it is important to pay attention to those outside the interview room too.… continue reading….

    Don’t forget your privacy

    What would Johannes Gutenberg have made of the internet?! He started the printing revolution by mechanising the handwritten process of book publishing that had kept the written word for Kings, the church and almost no one else. But in the 15th century, Gutenberg put an old wine press to an innovative new use and soon everyone had access to books.… continue reading….


    Redundancy can be a killer blow – but it can also be an opportunity. You’ll go through a range of emotions: denial, anger, despair, embarrassment – and a few more beside.  Your family and friends will try to help but at the end of the day it’s a very solitary experience.… continue reading….