Don’t keep your smile only for the interview room

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Don’t keep your smile only for the interview room

Interviewing for a job can be a daunting process, and any individual applying for a job may be looking to put on an award winning performance in the interview room. However, in addition to researching companies and preparing for particular questions, it is important to pay attention to those outside the interview room too.

Many companies are changing their outlook on hiring, and for individuals applying for jobs in East Anglia, the South East or other regions, it must be realised that from the moment job candidates step inside the building they may already be being judged. Reception staff, administrators or even people simply in the foyer of a building may be asked for feedback on job hunters. Rather than simply checking in at the front desk before going and taking a seat, it is important to try and strike up a conversation, and job hunters can ask how it is to work for the company, or how long employees have been working there. Whether these efforts get back to an interview panel is not known, but it is far better to put out a positive vibe than a negative one.

As much as firms are about business, they are also about creating an environment for staff to get along and work well with one another. By taking an interest in current staff members when arriving for an interview, job applicants can put themselves in the best place to wow not only the interview panel but other members of staff too.

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