That most awkward of interview questions

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That most awkward of interview questions

You’ve sailed through the interview, given a good account of yourself and then comes the killer question: “Is there anything you want to ask?” We all know that “Er, no not really” is probably the wrong answer but what’s the right one?

 It pays to think of some suitable questions long before the interview. Your potential boss is probably looking for a couple of things when he or she asks this question:

 1. A genuine desire to know if there is something you want to know about the job, the hours worked or about the recruitment process itself.

2. Whether you have a genuine interest in the company

First, what not to say: Questions about salary at this stage will make you look too mercenary. And “Have I got the job?” will just look crass. By researching the company in advance (via their website or by talking to people who know the company or the industry) you can easily draw up a list of possible questions. Perhaps the ‘winning’ question will be based on some news announcement – the company’s website will usually include its press releases or news cuttings; alternatively search the company on Google news. So, “I see you have just won a contract in America  – why was your company chosen and will it mean you taking on more staff?” would show you have seen the news and understood its implications.

 Here’s a suggestion of other questions you might consider asking: 

* If I’m successful in this application, what are the opportunities for career progression within your company?

* Does you company offer training to employees?

* Is the company planning any new products?

* What is the plan for the company’s development over the next five/ten years?

But best of all is to listen carefully while you are being interviewed. Pick up on something they have said, asking for clarification. It shows you’re attentive but also people love nothing more than someone taking an interest in them – and that certainly includes your new boss!

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