How to use a cover letter for greater success

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How to use a cover letter for greater success

Many people seeking jobs may think that their work is done once the have polished their CV and have started to hand it out to prospective employees. However, writing a cover letter to go with a CV is vital as it offers an additional introduction for employers to peruse.

No matter what type of job candidates are searching for, from shop assistant to managing director, all employers want the same thing: an eye on the details and a standout introduction. Though they may not ask for it, it really is a good idea to write a cover letter. If employers don’t want it, it can simply be discarded, but it may offer extra insight into candidate’s personality and snag them that all-important interview.

A good cover letter should consist of a maximum of three paragraphs explaining why jobseekers are interested in the job. Particular points on a CV can be indicated in a cover letter, as can a candidate’s passion and interest in the company. Careful attention should be put to avoid simply rewriting CV information; the best cover letters relate directly to the job being applied for, draw attention to particular areas of interest on a CV, and show a jobseeker’s keenness for the role.

It is best to write a new letter for each application, rather than using a generic letter which will be easily spotted and discarded by employers. For those who want to have job hunting success in 2017, using a cover letter in addition to a CV will help immensely.

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